Brief History of the Team!

Since 2000, Beyond Technology has made a name synonymous with ease-of-use IT solutions that require little or no technical knowledge to use or operate in order to run an IT efficient operations whether it be a SME, MNC or government agency. Beyond Technology’s customers include some of the world’s largest MNCs, government agencies in the region, academic and financial institutions and many small and medium enterprises, all of whom are enjoying the benefits of the solutions from Beyond Technology.

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Today, Beyond Technology continues to present users with easy-to-use IT solutions in IT infrastructure innovations with such products as Diskeeper and V-locity for disk storage optimization – both traditional disk and SSD technologies.

What We Aim For

To maintain a safer and more productive IT infrastructure, Beyond Technology partners with Zemana in Anti-Ransomware and Beyond Security to provide security testing in Mobile Apps, Networks, Web Apps and Source Code Review in Secured Software Development projects.

Our Office

808 French Road #03-08
Singapore 200808

Telephone: +65 681 68200

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